Vedant Nanackchand

His Story Vedant Nanackchand was born in 1955 in Durban. He was one of the early groups of  students who studied Fine Art at University of Durban-Westville (UDW) and graduated in 1978 with an Honours Degree. In 1979 after being awarded a British Council Scholarship, he studied Art and Design at the Middlesex Polytechnic in... Continue Reading →

Lalitha Jawahirilal

Her Story Lalitha Jawahirilall was born in 1954 in Ladysmith in Natal. When she was around 11, the Group Areas Act forced her family to move into an Indian township near the hills.   Although Jawahirilall never studied art at school, she was always drawing portraits of her   family and images from nature. She studied nursing... Continue Reading →

Zainab Reddy

Her Story One of the earliest known Indian women to receive critical acclaim as an artist in South Africa was Zainab Reddy. (pictured above) Zainab Madarasawalla, was born in Poona in India and studied art at the University of Mumbai. While studying she met Dennis Reddy, a medical student from South Africa. They married and... Continue Reading →


THE PILLAY BROTHERS Since creativity is an innate ability, the lack of formal learning did not mean that there were no Indian artists in the early days.The twin brothers Lutchman and Ramsamy Pillay- probably born in the early1900’s to parents indentured at the Muckle Neuk Sugar Estate, were self- taught artists. Lutchman was well known... Continue Reading →

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