Nabeeha Mohamed's bold, colourful paintings feature a graphic simplicity that belies the depth of meaning they contain. She uses everyday items like flowers, jewellery, and cigarettes to explore ideas about privilege, identity and consumerism. In describing her art, Mohamed says her work can be labeled as Bad Painting.  A style of painting which aims to... Continue Reading →


Emphatic Whispers is an exhibition currently on show until 27 July at the Smith Studio  in Cape Town. Two of the artists featured in this group exhibition are Talia Ramkilawan and Alka Dass.  This exhibition looks at how art 'can make us more empathetic beings and transform the way that we relate to other people'. Empathy... Continue Reading →

Letters to Myself

Letters to Myself is the title of an exhibition currently on display at Long Street Art Lovers 1932, in Pretoria, until the 26 February. It is the first solo exhibition by Videsh Singh, who  studied at Tshwane University of Technology and lives in Pretoria. Singh is a painter whose abstract works are primarily acrylic on... Continue Reading →

Pretty Face

This is the last week to see Anastasia Pather’s exhibition Pretty Face which runs until 19 January at the 99 Loop Gallery in Cape Town. Pather is a self proclaimed 'reluctant' artist and finger painter. This is her third solo exhibition at 99 Loop Gallery. Pather is a Fine Art graduate from the University of... Continue Reading →


Voyage is the title of the current exhibition at the Art in the Yard Gallery in Franschoek. It runs from 1st  to the 26th September and features several artists, among them Vanessa Berlein, Tendai Nhavira, and Sheekha Kalan. The theme of the exhibition is the Voyage and sets out to explore the idea that the goal of... Continue Reading →

Moments Before Death

Moments before Death is an exhibition currently on until the 21 August at the Artbox Gallery in Pretoria. There are 4 artists featured in the exhibition – Will Roux, Nellien Brewer, Mia van Wyk, and Poorvi Bhana. In interpreting the theme 'moments before death', the artists examine the fragility of life and the fact that we... Continue Reading →

Memory, Intimacy & Archive

Re-membering: Memory, Intimacy and Archive, an exhibition by Sharlene Khan, Reshma Chhiba and Jordache Ellapen is currently on at the Michaelis Gallery in Cape Town. Each of these artists use their personal experience to explore ideas about memory, race, class, gender and sexuality in South Africa. Sharlene Khan incorporates video-art, digital photography and needle work... Continue Reading →

Usha Seejarim

Usha Seejarim in front of her installation titled HerdArtist Usha Seejarim presented an installation called Keepers of the Common at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair (ICTAF) in February 2018. Seejarim uses domestic objects – clothes pegs, hangers, steam irons or brooms to create her sculptures. Triangle, sculpture with brooms. Cow Head. Hanger, iron. These everyday ‘common’ items are usually used... Continue Reading →

Hasan and Husain Essop

REFUGE                       Twin bothers Hasan and Husain Essop showed their work at an exhibition called Refuge at the Goodman Gallery in August 2017. The Muslim brothers who are from Cape Town used this exhibition to raise questions about what it means to be Muslim in... Continue Reading →

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