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My name is Thava Pillay – welcome to my blog – ‘Curating Culture‘. As a young Indian girl growing up in apartheid era South Africa- becoming an artist seemed like something that only happened in the movies. The closest I got to that dream was studying Fashion Design which thankfully included comprehensive art classes, while preparing me for a career.

Over the years, I have studied further and lectured in various aspects of art, design, and art history. While doing research for my Masters Degree – I realised that finding information on my subject – South African Indian artists- was like hunting for treasure. Admittedly there are a tiny proportion of Indians who are artists but their lack of inclusion in art books, websites and the collective art history of South Africa is troubling.

In this blog I intend to document and share the works of South African Indian artists both past and present. The contributions of those who create culture deserve to be included in the heritage of our country.


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