In this post I share a glimpse inside the September 1969 issue of The 1860 Settler Magazine, which featured the sultry Bollywood star Sharmila Tagore on its cover.  

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The 1860 Settler magazine featured several short stories, many of which were romantic or family orientated.

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The magazine always included a section on cooking or baking. Several local people also featured in the many adverts which reflect the favored brands and tastes of the Indian community at that time.

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Screenshot (76)













Some relationship advice for wives on how to mould the perfect husband – although it was more relevant in the 1960’s than it is now. 

“You’ve recently acquired a husband…here are a few tips on how to treat this new possession, how to raise him and how to develop him to become enjoyable and comfortable company in the home” (Settler, 1969)








Scan_20200804 (3)Besides its entertainment value, the Settler also served an aspirational purpose, encouraging the Indian community to strive for success, while embracing a modern lifestyle.



THE 1860 SETTLER Magazine, Sept 1969. 


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